Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  Scholarly Reputation in Specialty Areas, 2003-04
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Originally, the plan was to print only "the top 10" in each specialty category, but the lists have been expanded to the "top 20" for two reasons:  first, the top 10 lists were too heavily dominated by a narrow range of schools, thus depriving students of information about schools that are still notably strong in some specialties even if not highly ranked overall; and second, the top 20 programs in each of these categories still had quite respectable scores.  (Deans may request the complete scores for their schools by e-mailing  Deans may, of course, publicize that information if they want.)

Some of the specialty areas ranked below are also ranked by U.S. News.  Once again, there are some striking differences.  Most of these differences are, once again, attributable to the fact that U.S. News gives evaluators no information, beyond the school name, and to the fact that U.S. News asks evaluators for their opinion of a "program" (and not simply of the quality of the faculty). 

As with the overall rankings, do not give much weight to differences of .1 or less in the scores below.

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