Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  Faculty Quality in Law & the Social Sciences, 2003-04
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Coverage includes anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology.

1. Cornell University 4.3
2. Harvard University 4.2
  University of California, Berkeley 4.2
  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 4.2
  Yale University 4.2
6. Northwestern University 4.1
  Stanford University 4.1
  University of Pennsylvania 4.1
9. New York University 4.0
  University of California, Los Angeles 4.0
  University of Wisconsin, Madison 4.0
12. University of Chicago 3.9
  University of Southern California 3.9
  University of Texas, Austin 3.9
15. Columbia University 3.8
  University of Virginia 3.8
17. Georgetown University 3.7
  University of Iowa 3.7
19. Duke University 3.6
  Vanderbilt University 3.6

Runners-Up for the Top 20:

George Mason University 3.3
Ohio State University 3.3
State University of New York, Buffalo 3.3
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 3.3
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 3.3

Note: Subsequent to the survey, it was learned that the distinguished political scientist James Fishkin, best-known for his work on deliberative polling, is leaving the University of Texas at Austin (primary appointment in Government, but secondary appointment in Law) for the Department of Political Science (but not the law school) at Stanford. This might lower UT's score in this category.

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