Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  Faculty Quality in Administrative & Environmental Law, 2003-04
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1. Columbia University 4.4
  New York University 4.4
  Yale University 4.4
4. University of Chicago 4.3
5. Georgetown University 4.2
  Harvard University 4.2
7. Stanford University 4.1
  University of California, Berkeley 4.1
9. Northwestern University 4.0
  University of Pennsylvania 4.0
  University of Texas, Austin 4.0
  University of Virginia 4.0
13. Cornell University 3.9
  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 3.9
15. George Washington University 3.8
  University of California, Los Angeles 3.8
17. Duke University 3.7
  University of Southern California 3.7
19. Boston University 3.6
  Vanderbilt University 3.6

Runners-Up for the Top 20:

Florida State University 3.4
George Mason University 3.4

Note: Subsequent to the survey, it was learned that Peter Shane, a leading figure in administrative law currently at Carnegie-Mellon University, accepted an offer from Ohio State. This would presumably raise Ohio State’s score (2.8) in this category. In addition, Thomas W. Merrill, a leading figure in administrative and environmental law at Northwestern University, is reported highly likely to leave Northwestern, perhaps for Columbia University. This move, if it transpires, would presumably lower Northwestern’s score and raise Columbia’s.

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