Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  Faculty Quality in Constitutional Law, 2003-04
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1. Yale University 4.8
2. Harvard University 4.6
3. University of Chicago 4.5
  University of Texas, Austin 4.5
5. Georgetown University 4.4
  New York University 4.4
  Stanford University 4.4
8. Columbia University 4.3
  University of California, Berkeley 4.3
10. University of Virginia 4.0
11. Northwestern University 3.9
  University of California, Los Angeles 3.9
  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 3.9
14. Duke University 3.8
  University of Southern California 3.8
16. University of Pennsylvania 3.7
17. Boston University 3.6
  Cornell University 3.6
  George Washington University 3.6
  University of San Diego 3.6
  Vanderbilt University 3.6

Runners-Up for the Top 20:

Fordham University 3.4
University of California, Hastings 3.4

Note: University of San Diego has extended an offer to Larry Solum at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; he has done well-known work in constitutional law, intellectual property, and jurisprudence, among other areas. If he moves to USD, this would presumably raise USD’s score in this category, and in the Law & Philosophy category. In addition, Robert Post, a leading constitutional law scholar at Berkeley, has accepted an offer from Yale. This would likely lower Berkeley's score somewhat in this category.

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