Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  APPENDIX A: Evaluators, 2003-04
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292 evaluators from around the nation received invitations to participate in the survey, and 51% accepted the invitation and completed the surveys.  Another 2% tried to complete the surveys, but encountered technical problems with the on-line survey that we were unable to resolve in time.  Roughly another 11% expressed an interest in participating, but an inability to do so during the indicated time period.  (It is fair to say that certain rather more weighty matters going on in the world during the same time period depressed the response rate somewhat.)  Not quite 2% expressed an unwillingness to participate, and the remaining third were not heard from.

Evaluator School
Kenneth Abraham University of Virginia
Matthew Adler University of Pennsylvania
Peter Alces College of William & Mary
Gregory Alexander Cornell University
Larry Alexander University of San Diego
Ronald J. Allen Northwestern University
Vikram Amar University of California, Hastings
Keith Aoki University of Oregon
Stephen Bainbridge University of California, Los Angeles
Lynn Baker University of Texas, Austin
Milner Ball University of Georgia
Randy Barnett Boston University
David Bederman Emory University
Margaret Berger Brooklyn Law School
David Bernstein George Mason University
Lisa Bernstein University of Chicago
Guyora Binder State University of New York, Buffalo
Brian Bix University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Alfred Brophy University of Alabama
James Brudney Ohio State University
Harold Bruff University of Colorado, Boulder (also Dean)
Ronald Cass Boston University (also Dean)
Robert Chang Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
R. Alta Charo University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jim Chen University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Gabriel Chin University of Arizona
John C. Coffee, Jr. Columbia University
Jules Coleman Yale University
Hanoch Dagan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Anne Dailey University of Connecticut
Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Indiana University, Bloomington
Adrienne Davis University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Richard Delgado University of Pittsburgh
Neal Devins College of William & Mary
Michael Dorf Columbia University
Joshua Dressler Ohio State University
Donald Dripps University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Markus Dubber State University of New York, Buffalo
Ira Ellman Arizona State University
Daniel Farber University of California, Berkeley
Noah Feldman New York University
Lee Anne Fennell University of Texas, Austin
David Fischer University of Missouri, Columbia
Richard Michael Fischl University of Miami
James Fleming Fordham University
Eric Freedman Hofstra University
Richard Freer Emory University
Barry Friedman New York University
Philip Frickey University of California, Berkeley
Richard Garnett University of Notre Dame
Mark Gergen University of Texas, Austin
Clayton Gillette New York University
John Goldberg Vanderbilt University
Risa Goluboff University of Virginia
Jeffrey Gordon Columbia University
Robert Gordon Yale University
Mark Grady George Mason University (also Dean)
Abner Greene Fordham University
Stephen Griffin Tulane University
Ian Haney Lopez University of California, Berkeley
David Herring University of Pittsburgh (also Dean)
Michael Herz Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University
Herbert Hovenkamp University of Iowa
Heidi Hurd University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (also Dean)
Alan Hyde Rutgers University, Newark
Nancy King Vanderbilt University
Thomas Kohler Boston College
Donald Kommers University of Notre Dame
Russell Korobkin University of California, Los Angeles
Jody S. Kraus University of Virginia
Harold Krent Chicago-Kent College of Law
Andrew Kull Boston University
Christopher L. Kutz University of California, Berkeley
Donald Langevoort Georgetown University
Lewis LaRue Washington & Lee University
Gary Lawson Boston University
Douglas Laycock University of Texas, Austin
Leandra Lederman George Mason University
Brian Leiter University of Texas, Austin
Mark A. Lemley University of California, Berkeley
Sanford Levinson University of Texas, Austin
Saul Levmore University of Chicago (also Dean)
Michael Livingston Rutgers University, Camden
Kyle Logue University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ira Lupu George Washington University
Jonathan Macey Cornell University
William P. Marshall University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Toni Massaro University of Arizona (also Dean)
Calvin Massey University of California, Hastings
Richard McAdams University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Geoffrey Miller New York University
David Millon Washington & Lee University
Robert Mnookin Harvard University
Michael S. Moore University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Stephen Morse University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Morriss Case Western Reserve University
Christopher Mueller University of Colorado, Boulder
Stephen R. Munzer University of California, Los Angeles
Nell Newton University of Connecticut (also Dean)
Gene Nicol, Jr. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (also Dean)
Mark Osiel University of Iowa
Dennis Patterson Rutgers University, Camden
Jordan Paust University of Houston
Stephen Perry New York University
Christopher J. Peters Wayne State University
Richard H. Pildes New York University
Daniel Polsby George Mason University
Richard A. Posner University of Chicago and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Peter Quint University of Maryland
Nancy Rapoport University of Houston (also Dean)
Steven Ratner University of Texas, Austin
Jerome H. Reichman Duke University
William Reynolds University of Maryland
Annelise Riles Cornell University
Daniel Rodriguez University of San Diego (also Dean)
Roberta Romano Yale University
Jim Rossi Florida State University
J.B. Ruhl Florida State University
Teemu Ruskola American University
Brett Scharffs Brigham Young University
Anthony Sebok Brooklyn Law School
Mark Seidenfeld Florida State University
Michael Selmi George Washington University
George Shepard Emory University
Emily Sherwin Cornell University
Jonathan Simon University of Miami
Christopher Slobogin University of Florida, Gainesville
Michael Solimine University of Cincinnati
Larry Solum Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
Peter Spiro Hofstra University
Matthew Spitzer University of Southern California (also Dean)
Kate Stith Yale University
Lynn Stout University of California, Los Angeles
Kent Syverud Vanderbilt University (also Dean)
Eric Talley University of Southern California
A. Dan Tarlock Chicago-Kent College of Law
George Thomas III Rutgers University, Newark
Joseph Tomain University of Cincinnati (also Dean)
Gerald Torres University of Texas, Austin
William Treanor Fordham University (also Dean)
Mark Tushnet Georgetown University
Eugene Volokh University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Warren Harvard University
Donald Weidner Florida State University (also Dean)
Mark Weiner Rutgers University, Newark
Michael Wells University of Georgia
Robin West Georgetown University
Tobias Wolff University of California, Davis
Barbara Woodhouse University of Florida, Gainesville
Fred Zacharias University of San Diego
Benjamin Zipursky Fordham University
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