Top Ten Ranking Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

 ¶  Brian Leiter's Top 50 for Per Capita Scholarly Impact Based on Citations, 2000-02
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Because this part of the study is confined only to the top quarter of each faculty, small faculties with one highly cited faculty member can have high means, but much lower medians. To offset that distorting effect, this year's ranking is based on the average of the mean and median rank for scholarly impact. Insignifcant differences were treated as ties.  (* indicates school's whose impact rank would drop one or more notches without faculty working in Critical Race Theory and/or feminist legal theory and/or Critical Legal Studies). Note:  there are likely to be schools not studied which would have made the top 50 of this list, ahead of some of those listed in the 40-50 range here.

1.         University of Chicago

2.          Yale University

3.         * Harvard University

3.         * Stanford University

5.         * Columbia University

5.         * University of California, Berkeley

7.         New York University

8.         * Cornell University

9.         * Georgetown University

10.       Northwestern University

11.       University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

11.       University of Pennsylvania

13.       * University of Colorado, Boulder

14.       Duke University

14.       University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

14.       University of Texas, Austin

14.       University of Virginia

18.       * University of California, Los Angeles

18.       University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

18.       University of Southern California

21.       George Washington University

21.       University of Miami

23.       Boston University

23.       George Mason University

23.       Vanderbilt University

26.       University of Arizona

26.       University of Iowa

26.       University of Wisconsin, Madison

29.       Arizona State University

29.       * Brooklyn Law School

29.       * Cardozo Law School/Yeshiva University

29.       Chicago-Kent College of Law/Illinois Institute of Technology

29.       Emory University

29.       Washington University, St. Louis

35.       Fordham University

35.       Indiana University, Bloomington

35.       University of California, Davis

35.       University of California, Hastings

35.       University of Florida, Gainesville

35.       University of Georgia

35.       University of Notre Dame

35.       University of Utah

43.       * Rutgers University, Camden

43.       * Rutgers University, Newark

43.       University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

43.       University of Pittsburgh

43.       University of San Diego

43.       Wake Forest University

49.       Boston College

49.       College of William & Mary

49.       Florida State University

49.       Tulane University

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