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 ¶  Where Tenure Track Faculty Went to Law School , 2000-02
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Many prospective law students, especially the more academically-inclined ones who make extensive use of the EQR, often ask about their prospects for getting in to law teaching. Students should, of course, review the information at Information and Advice for Persons Interested in Teaching Law (November 2002) about paths in to law teaching. But numerical data can also be helpful, especially since some schools apparently misrepresent rather badly their success at placing graduates in law teaching.

Earlier this year, I posted data on placement of graduates as tenure-track faculty at the top 15 law schools for the period 1996 through 2001. We have now expanded the data pool, using the 2001-02 AALS Directory of Law Teachers to identify the first law degree of all current tenure-track academic faculty. (Additional degrees beyond the first law degree are noted, below.) Excluded from the study were tenure-track faculty whose primary responsibilities were clinical or legal writing, since the hiring process for those positions is different from that for regular academic faculty. Also excluded were J.A.G. faculty. The pool of tenure-track faculty studied thus includes almost all who started in a tenure-track position since roughly 1996-in total, about 730 faculty. More than one-third of these faculty earned their J.D. from just three law schools: Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. (Factor in LLM and SJD degrees, and the percentage connected to Yale, Harvard, and Stanford is even higher.) Of course, some of this result is due to a self-selection phenomenon: the students most interested in teaching, students who in many cases already have PhDs in other disciplines and so on, gravitate towards these schools, especially Yale. (Whether this is healthy for the future of legal academia is a different matter, about which there are divergent opinions.)

Schools were evaluated based primarily on two criteria: the total number of graduates in tenure-track jobs for the time period studied and the quality of the jobs. Some consideration is also given to how often graduates who secure tenure-track jobs also earn law degrees beyond the J.D: the question is which JDs are "sufficient" for getting in to legal academia, and which aren't. (Example: nearly one-third of Duke grads in law teaching had earned another law degree, while less than 3% of Yale grads did so.) Note also that many schools do not offer the LLM or SJD, while some (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Temple) have large and active LLM and/or SJD programs. (Since LLM and SJD programs select [at least some of their] applicants based on their likelihood of success as legal academics, it is unsurprising that placement in law teaching is typically much higher out of LLM or SJD programs than out of the JD program, even at the very same school. Relative rates of success for such programs would, however, constitute the subject-matter for a different study than the one conducted here.)

Some consideration is also given to the amount of tenure-track placement relative to the size of each school's graduating class. There are, of course, differing views about the significance of per capita measures of placement in law teaching jobs. Per capita measures, it is argued, give you the best indication of how the "average" graduate fares. The difficulty, of course, is that (1) no average graduates get law teaching jobs; in each case, we are talking about the exceptional students, which is a small number at every school, except perhaps Yale; and (2) the prospects of getting in to law teaching are unquestionably enhanced by the existence of a large network of alumni already in law teaching (see, for example, the results for Michigan, below, which historically was a much stronger school than it is now [1]). Faculty on hiring committees often contact the professors they know best from their home institution, and often give most credence to those recommendations. Even simple institutional loyalty plays a role ("I went to Stanford, ergo, I like Stanford grads"). Those considerations mean that gross numbers may be as important as per capita.

Finally, and most seriously, (3) comparing placement in law teaching jobs to graduating class size isn't really the right measure: the unknown factor is how many students from the graduating class even try to get in to law teaching. (Example: not quite two-thirds of UT graduates who actually go on the academic job market in fact secure tenure-track jobs. Anecdotal evidence suggests this percentage is fairly typical for top law schools, with the exceptions of Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Chicago.) So even if per capita measure were uncontroversially the right measure, we don't, in fact, have access to the relevant data for calculating the per capita rate in any meaningful way.

Yet even allowing for these caveats, it is surely significant that, e.g., Yale and Harvard place almost the same total number of graduates in tenure-track jobs, yet Harvard is three times as big as Yale. Harvard also graduates three times as many students as Stanford and Chicago; only Georgetown graduates more students than Harvard each year.

Quality of jobs is evaluated along three dimensions: the number of graduates placed as tenure-track faculty at the top 15 law faculties, based on EQR measures (Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley, NYU, Michigan, Texas, Penn, Cornell, Northwestern, Virginia, Duke, Georgetown); the number of graduates placed as tenure-track faculty at "tier 1" or "top 50" law faculties, again based on EQR criteria; and the number placed at U.S. News tier 1 schools (since there is some arbitrary fluctuation at the margins, we used several years of U.S. News to define tier 1).

Based on these criteria, the top fifteen law schools from which to earn a J.D. for purposes of getting in to law teaching are as follows.

1. Yale University
2. Harvard University
Stanford University
4. University of Chicago
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
6. Columbia University
University of California, Berkeley
University of Virginia
9. New York University
10. Cornell University
Duke University
Georgetown University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Texas, Austin

There are also five schools on the cusp of the top 15 for placement in law teaching: University of California at Los Angeles, Vanderbilt University, University of Southern California, and, perhaps surprisingly, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and University of Wisconsin, Madison. Of course, the Minnesota graduates in law teaching would have graduated from Minnesota before the recent losses of Daniel Farber, Philip Frickey, and Suzanna Sherry. And Wisconsin has long had one of the leading scholarly faculties, with particular preeminence in work at the intersection of law and the social sciences.

Here are the pertinent stats, organized as follows:

Students per class: approx. # of graduates per year in recent years.
# in Tenure-Track jobs: remember, this is the total number of faculty in tenure-track jobs not from a single graduating class but from any graduating class.
# of LLMs etc.: the number of graduates who earned an additional law degree before getting in to law teaching (this includes Chicago Bigelow Fellows)
# in Top Jobs: the number in jobs at EQR top 15 faculties.
# in Top Jobs other than home institution: self-explanatory.
# in Tier 1 jobs: the number in jobs at EQR top 50 faculties.


Total # of Tenure-Track Jobs Secured by Graduates Who Had Not Earned LLMs etc.

1. Harvard University (108)
2. Yale University (104)
3. Stanford University (48)
4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (32)
5. University of Chicago (30)
6. University of Virginia (23)
7. Columbia University (22)
8. University of California, Berkeley (21)
9. New York University (18)
10. University of Pennsylvania (15)
11. Georgetown University (12)
12. Cornell University (11)
Duke University (11)
14. University of Texas, Austin (10)
15. Northwestern University (8)

Total # of Top Jobs Secured by Graduates Who Had Not Earned LLMs etc.

1. Yale University (36) 4 at Yale
2. Harvard University (20) 5 at Harvard
3. Stanford University (8) 0 at Stanford
4. University of Virginia (5) 3 at Virginia
5. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (4) 0 at Michigan
6. University of California, Berkeley (3) 1 at Berkeley
  University of Chicago (3) 0 at Chicago
8. Columbia University (2) 1 at Columbia
  New York University (2) 0 at NYU
  Northwestern University (2) 0 at Northwestern
11. Cambridge University (1) n/a
  University of Texas, Austin (1) 0 at Texas
13. all others (0)  

Total # of EQR or US News Tier 1 Jobs (whichever is more) Secured by Graduates Who Had Not Earned LLMs etc.

1. Yale University (73)
2. Harvard University (53)
3. Stanford University (26)
4. University of Chicago (15)
5. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (14)
6. University of California, Berkeley (12)
University of Virginia (12)
8. Columbia University (9)
9. New York University (7)
10. University of Texas, Austin (5)
11. Cornell University (4)
  Georgetown University (4)
  University of Pennsylvania (4)
14. Duke University (3)
  Northwestern University (3)
  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (3)


Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 107
# of LLMs etc.: 3
# in Top Jobs: 36
# in Top Jobs other than Yale: 32
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 72
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 73

Graduate Hired by
Michael Abramowicz George Mason University
Amy Adler New York University
Robert B. Ahdieh Emory University
Mark C. Alexander Seton Hall University
Michelle J. Anderson (also LLM, Georgetown) Villanova University
Peter A. Appel University of Georgia
Michael S. Barr (also MPhil, Oxford) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Patricia L. Bellia University of Notre Dame
Stuart Benjamin University of Texas, Austin
Peter Berkowitz (also PhD, Yale) George Mason University
Stephanos Bibas (also MA, Oxford) University of Iowa
Francesca Bignami (also MSc, Oxford) Duke University
Susanna L. Blumenthal (also MPhil, Yale) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kathleen A. Brady (also MAR, Yale) University of Richmond
Emily Buss University of Chicago
Andrew J. Cappel St. Thomas University
Susan D. Carle (also LLM, Georgetown) American University
Anupam Chander University of California, Davis
D. Andrew Chin (also DPhil, Oxford) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Stephen Clark Albany Law School
Sarah H. Cleveland University of Texas, Austin
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar (also PhD, Stanford) Stanford University
E. Christi Cunningham Howard University
Robert Daines New York University
Stephen F. Diamond (also PhD, London) Santa Clara University
Laura Dickinson University of Connecticut, Hartford
James G. Dwyer (also PhD, Stanford) College of William & Mary
Rosa Ehrenreich (also MSt, Oxford) University of Virginia
Margareth Etienne University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Noah R. Feldman (also DPhil, Oxford) New York University
Mark A. Fenster (also PhD, Illinois) University of Florida, Gainesville
Nicole S. Garnett University of Notre Dame
Richard W. Garnett University of Notre Dame
Myriam E. Gilles Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School
Jack Goldsmith III University of Chicago
Carlos E. Gonzalez (also MA, Stanford) Rutgers University, Newark
Michael S. Green (also PhD, Yale) George Mason University
K.J. Greene Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Daniel Halberstam University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jill E. Hasday University of Chicago
Oona Hathaway Yale University
Steven A. Hetcher (also PhD, Illinois-Chicago) Vanderbilt University
Elizabeth L. Hillman (also MPhil, Yale) Rutgers University, Camden
Dennis D. Hirsch Capital University
Timothy R. Holbrook Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law
Derek P. Jinks (also MPhil, Yale) St. Louis University
Dawn E. Johnsen Indiana University, Bloomington
Brian Kalt Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law
Neal K. Katyal Georgetown University
Ellen D. Katz University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Martin J. Katz University of Denver
Gregg W. Kettles Mississippi College School of Law
Andrew Koppelman (also PhD, Princeton) Northwestern University
Kevin A. Kordana University of Virginia
Christopher Kutz (also PhD, Berkeley) University of California, Berkeley
Renee Lettow Lerner (also MLitt, Oxford) George Washington University
Mark A. Levin (also LLM, Washington) University of Hawaii
Paul B. Lewis Mercer University
Douglas Lichtman University of Chicago
Kristin M. Madison (also AM, Stanford) University of Pennsylvania
Gerald N. Magliocca, Jr. Indiana University, Indianapolis
Julia D. Mahoney University of Virginia
Michael J. Malinowski Widener University
Samuel A. Marcosson University of Louisville
Daniel S. Markovits (also DPhil, Oxford) Yale University
Nina A. Mendelson University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jennifer Mnookin (also PhD, MIT) University of Virginia
Caleb E. Nelson University of Virginia
Michael M. O'Hear Marquette University
Michael E. O'Neill George Mason University
Mark Osler Baylor University
Colin B. Picker University of Missouri, Kansas City
Cornelia Pillard Georgetown University
Clarissa C. Potter Georgetown University
Richard A. Primus (also DPhil, Oxford) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Aaron J. Rappaport University of California, Hastings
Sandra L. Rierson Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Kermit Roosevelt University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Rosen (also BA, Oxford) George Washington University
Catherine J. Ross (also PhD, Yale) George Washington University
Richard J. Ross (also PhD, Yale) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tanina Rostain (also MA, Yale) New York Law School
Gary D. Rowe (also MA, Princeton) University of California, Los Angeles
Teem Ruskola (also AM, Stanford) American University
Susan Scafidi Southern Methodist University
Brett G. Scharffs (also BPhil, Oxford) Brigham Young University
David M. Schizer Columbia University
Margo Schlanger Harvard University
David S. Schwartz (also MA, Yale) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ronald Slye Seattle University
Henry E. Smith (also PhD, Stanford Yale University
Bruce P. Smith (also PhD, Yale) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Daniel J. Solove Seton Hall University
Kirk J. Stark University of California, Los Angeles
Edward D. Stein (also PhD, MIT) Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School
John A. Swain University of Arizona
Jeffrey A. Trexler (also PhD, Duke) Southern Methodist University
Bernard R. Trujillo University of Wisconsin, Madison
Nhan Thien Vu Chapman University
Ahmed A. White University of Colorado, Boulder
Steven R. Wilf (also PhD, Yale) University of Connecticut, Hartford
John Fabian Witt (also PhD, Yale) Columbia University
Tobias Barrington Wolff University of California, Davis
David Yassky Brooklyn Law School
Kenji Yoshino Yale University
Jonathan Zasloff (also MA, Harvard) University of California, Los Angeles

Students per class: circa 550
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 113
# of LLMs etc.: 5
# in Top Jobs: 20
# in Top Jobs other than Harvard: 15
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 51
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 54

Graduates Hired by
Laura S. Adams Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Muneer I. Ahmad American University
Padideh Alai American University
Raquel Aldana-Pindell University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Rachel S. Arnow-Richman (also LLM, Temple) Texas Wesleyan University
Samuel R. Bagenstos Harvard University
Jonathan B. Baker (also PhD, Stanford) American University
Ralph Richard Banks Stanford University
Daniel D. Barnhizer Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law
John A. Barrett, Jr. University of Toledo
David J. Barron Harvard University
Laura B. Bartell Wayne State University
Yochai Benkler New York University
Jonathan S. Berck (also MA, Columbia) University of Alabama
Steven K. Berenson (also LLM, Harvard) Nova Southeastern University
Douglas A. Berman Ohio State University
Frank O. Bowman III Indiana University, Indianapolis
Lee Boyd Pepperdine University
Christopher A. Bracey Washington University, St. Louis
Deborah L. Brake University of Pittsburgh
John M. Breen Loyola University, Chicago
Tonya L. Brito University of Wisconsin, Madison
Stacy Brustin Catholic University
Ellen M. Bublick University of Arizona
Johnny R. Buckles (also MA, Dallas Theo. Sem) University of Houston
Steve P. Calandrillo University of Washington, Seattle
Devon W. Carbado University of California, Los Angeles
Ann E. Carlson University of California, Los Angeles
Paolo G. Carozza University of Notre Dame
Sherryl D. Cashin Georgetown University
Mark A. Chinen (also MDiv, Yale) Seattle University
Jonathan R. Cohen (also PhD, Harvard) University of Florida, Gainesville
Lawrence L. Cole Pennsylvania State University/Dickinson School of Law
Carl H. Coleman Seton Hall University
Jorge L. Cordova Catholic University, Puerto Rico
John J. Coughlin (also ThM, Princeton) St. John's University
Benjamin G. Davis Texas Wesleyan University
Stacey L. Dogan Northeastern University
Sharon Dolovich (also PhD, Cambridge) University of California, Los Angeles
Michael B. Dorff Rutgers University, Camden
Paul R. Dubinsky (also LLM, Leuven) New York Law School
Jorge L. Esquirol Northeastern University
Lisa M. Fairfax University of Maryland
Zanita E. Fenton Wayne State University
Allen Ferrell Harvard University
Anthony Q. Fletcher New York Law School
Jesse M. Fried (also AM, Harvard) University of California, Berkeley
Carmen G. Gonzalez Seattle University
Lewis A. Grossman (also MPhil, Yale) American University
Mitu Gulati (also MA, Yale) Georgetown University
Andrew Guzman (also PhD, Harvard) University of California, Berkeley
Bernard E. Harcourt (also PhD, Harvard) University of Chicago
Melissa Hart University of Colorado, Boulder
Jill Koch Hayford Marquette University
Sharona Hoffman (also LLM, Houston) Case Western Reserve University
Joseph D. Kearney Marquette University
Orin S. Kerr (also MS, Stanford) George Washington University'
Kenneth C. Kettering New York Law School
Michael S. Kirsch (also LLM, NYU) University of Notre Dame
Kenneth N. Klee University of California, Los Angeles
John R. Kroger Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law
Douglas Kysar Cornell University
Stephen R. Latham (also PhD, Berkeley) Quinnipiac College School of Law
Brant T. Lee (also MPP, Harvard) University of Akron
Thomas H. Lee (also AM, Harvard) Fordham University
Craig S. Lerner (also MA, Chicago) George Mason University
Kenneth W. Mack (also MA, Princeton) Harvard University
Kathy C. Mandelbaum Temple University
Gary E. Marchant (also PhD, British Columbia) Arizona State University
Michael L. Moffitt University of Oregon
Douglas K. Moll University of Houston
Jonathan T. Molot George Washington University
Lateef Mtima Howard University
Peter Nicolas (also MPP, Michigan) University of Washington, Seattle
Francesca Ortiz South Texas College of Law
Spencer A. Overton George Washington University
Kunal M. Parker Cleveland State University/Cleveland-Marshall
John T. Parry University of Pittsburgh
Scott Peppet University of Colorado, Boulder
Andrew M. Perlman Suffolk University
Ngai L. Pindell University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Arti K. Rai University of Pennsylvania
Anita G. Ramasastry (also MA, Sydney) University of Washington, Seattle
Jorga A. Ramirez Texas Tech University
Kal Raustiala (also PhD, UC San Diego) University of California, Los Angeles
Dana Brakman Reiser Brooklyn Law School
Sadiq Reza New York Law School
Annelise Riles (also PhD, Cambridge) Cornell University
Luis E. Rodriguez-Rivera University of Puerto Rico
Alan Romero University of North Dakota
Mark D. Rosen Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law
William B. Rubenstein University of California, Los Angeles
Peter J. Rubin Georgetown University
Theodore W. Ruger Washington University, St. Louis
Valerie A. Sanchez University of Florida, Gainesville
Andrea K. Schneider Marquette University
Richard Schragger University of Virginia
Gregory S. Sergienko Western State University
Michael A. Simons St. John's University
Peggie Smith (also MA, Yale) Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law
Peter J. Smith George Washington University
Michael Stein (also PhD, Cambridge) College of William & Mary
Catherine T. Struve University of Pennsylvania
Alison M. Sulentic (also MA, Witwatersrand) Duquesne University
Chantal Thomas Fordham University
Adrian Vermeule University of Chicago
Nancy Welsh Pennsylvania State University/Dickinson School of Law
Amy D. Westbrook State University of New York, Buffalo
David A. Westbrook State University of New York, Buffalo
Verna L. Williams University of Cincinnati
Jennifer Wriggins University of Maine
Ernest A. Young University of Texas, Austin
Jonathan Zittrain Harvard University

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 53
# of LLMS etc.: 5
# in Top Jobs: 8
# in Top Jobs other than Stanford: 8
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 26
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 27

Graduates Hired by
David E. Adelman (also PhD, Stanford) University of Arizona
Iman Anabtawi (also MA, Oxford) University of California, Los Angeles
Craig A. Arnold Chapman University
Kenneth H. Bobroff University of New Mexico
Leslie M. Book (also LLM, NYU) Villanova University
Rene Bowser (also LLM, Georgetown) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Alafair S.R. Burke Hofstra University
Lisa L. Casey University of Notre Dame
Allison Marston Danner Vanderbilt University
Marguerite A. Driessen Brigham Young University
Jennifer A. Drobach (also SJD, Stanford) Indiana University, Indianapolis
Stephen D. Easton University of Missouri, Columbia
Bryan B. Ford Santa Clara University
Jamie A. Grodsky (also MA, Berkeley) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Joanna L. Grossman Hofstra University
Grant M. Hayden Hofstra University
Kevin V. Haynes University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Janet C. Hoeffel Tulane University
Peter H. Huang (also PhD, Harvard) University of Pennsylvania
Bradley W. Joondeph Santa Clara University
John H. Knox Pennsylvania State University/Dickinson School of Law
Michael M. Korybut St. Louis University
Joan H. Krause University of Houston
Raleigh H. Levine (also JSD, Columbia) William Mitchell College of Law
Clarisa Long University of Virginia
Erik Luna University of Utah
Anthony J. Luppino (also LLM, Boston Univ.) University of Missouri, Kansas City
Michael J. Madison University of Pittsburgh
Gregory N. Mandel Albany Law School
Audrey G. McFarlane University of Baltimore
Miranda Oshige McGowan University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Naomi Mezey (also MA, Minnesota) Georgetown University
Adele M. Morrison Northern Illinois University
Mark Niles American University
Sean O'Connor (also MA, Arizona State) University of Pittsburgh
Nathaniel Persily (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Pennsylvania
Carolyn B. Ramsey University of Colorado, Boulder
Rhonda M. Reaves Loyola University, Los Angeles
R. Anthony Reese University of Texas, Austin
Richard S. Saver University of Houston
Steven Semeraro Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Gregory C. Shaffer University of Wisconsin, Madison
David L. Sloss (also MPP, Harvard) St. Louis University
Norman W. Spaulding III University of California, Berkeley
Richard H. Steinberg (also PhD, Stanford) University of California, Los Angeles
Madhavi Sunder University of California, Davis
Michelle A. Travis Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law
R. Polk Wagner University of Pennsylvania
Lois Weithorn (also PhD, Pittsburgh) University of California, Hastings
Jay D. Wexler (also MA, Chicago) Boston University
Bryan H. Wildenthal Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Paul R. Williams (also PhD, Cambridge) American University
Albert Yoon (also PhD, Stanford) Northwestern University

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 31
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 3
# in Top Jobs other than Chicago: 3
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 13
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 15

Graduates Hired by
Steven A. Bank Florida State University
Tom W. Bell Chapman University
Kristin J. Brandser (also PhD, Iowa) University of Cincinnati
Lisa S. Bressman Vanderbilt University
Richard Brooks (also PhD, Berkeley) Northwestern University
A. Christopher Bryant University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dale A. Carpenter University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Steven L. Chanenson Villanova University
Terrence Chorvat (also LLM, NYU) George Mason University
Douglas Cole Ohio State University
Kathleen L. Coles (also MA, Oxford) Northern Illinois University
John C. Eastman (also PhD, Claremont) Chapman University
Allison Hartwell Eid University of Colorado, Boulder
Ward Farnsworth Boston University
John E. Fee Brigham Young University
Stephanie A. Gore (also MS, Georgia Tech) Florida State University
Jonathan M. Gutoff Roger Williams University
Louis W. Hensler III Regent University
Richard N. Hynes (also PhD, Pennsylvania) College of William & Mary
Edward J. Janger Brooklyn Law School
Robert A. Katz Indiana University, Indianapolis
Salil Kumar Mehra (also MA, Berkeley) Temple University
Thomas B. Nachbar University of Virginia
Catherine A. O'Neill Seattle University
Jacqueline E. Ross John Marshall Law School
Herwig J. Schlunk (als MS, Chicago) Vanderbilt University
Keith B. Sharfman Rutgers University, Newark
David M. Siegel New England School of Law
Shayna M. Sigman University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Robert H. Sitkoff Northwestern University
Ingrid Brunk Wuerth University of Cincinnati

Students per class: circa 350
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 33
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 4
# in Top Jobs other than Michigan: 4
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 14
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 13

Graduates Hired by
Benjamin H. Barton University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sharon L. Beckman Boston College
Jeannine Bell (also PhD, Michigan) Indiana University, Bloomington
Mitchell N. Berman (also MA, Michigan) University of Texas, Austin
Jeffrey M. Brown Northern Illinois University
Michael A. Carrier Rutgers University, Camden
Guy-Uriel E. Charles University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jane E. Cross Nova Southeastern University
Kim Forde-Mazrui University of Virginia
James W. Fox, Jr. Stetson University
Heather K. Gerken Harvard University
Michelle E. Gilman University of Baltimore
Rachel Godsil Seton Hall University
Hugh Hewitt Chapman University
Laura Hines University of Kansas
Emily M.S. Hough Northern Kentucky University
Jeffrey H. Kahn Santa Clara University
Jason J. Kilborn Louisiana State University
Gerald Leonard (also PhD, Michigan) Boston University
Lydia Pallas Loren Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law
Gregory P. Magarian (also MPP, Michigan) Villanova University
Ana Maria Merico-Stephens University of Arizona
David D. Meyer University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Eric J. Mitnick (also PhD, Princeton) Thomas Jefferson School of Law
David A. Moran (als MS, Cornell) Wayne State University
Christopher J. Peters (also Bigelow, Chicago) Wayne State University
Kathryn R.L. Rand University of North Dakota
Adam F. Scales Washington & Lee University
Joseph E. Slater (also PhD, Georgetown) University of Toledo
James B. Speta Northwestern University
Marc Spindelman Ohio State University
Sonia M. Suter George Washington University
Melissa L. Tatum University of Tulsa

Students per class: circa 350
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 27
# of LLMs etc.: 5
# in Top Jobs: 2
# in Top Jobs other than Columbia: 1
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 11
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 11

Graduates Hired by
Michael P. Allen Stetson University
Melissa Cole St. Louis University
M. Katherine Darmer Chapman University
Anthony M. Dillof (also LLM, Columbia) Texas Wesleyan University
Sara Dillon (also PhD, Stanford) Suffolk University
Michael M. Epstein (also PhD, Michigan) Southwestern University
Taylor Flynn (also JSM, Stanford) Western New England College of Law
Bradley E.S. Fogel (also LLM, NYU) St. Louis University
Shi-Ling Hsu (also PhD, California-Davis) George Washington University
Steven Huefner Ohio State University
Daniel J. Hulscebosch (also PhD, Harvard) St. Louis University
Joseph P. Liu (also LLM, Harvard) Boston College
Solangel Maldonado Seton Hall University
Gillian E. Metzger (also BPhil, Oxford) Columbia University
Margaret L. Moses (also PhD, Indiana) Loyola University, Chicago
Sean D. Murphy (also JSD, Virginia) George Washington University
Randall Peerenboom (also PhD, Hawaii) University of California, Los Angeles
Elbert L. Robertson (also MA, Penn) Suffolk University
Sherrie L. Russell-Brown (also ML, Columbia) University of Florida, Gainesville
Mark Sidel University of Iowa
Gregory M. Silverman (also MPhil, Columbia) Seattle University
Richard F. Storrow (also MA, Columbia) Texas Wesleyan University
Julian Velasco University of Notre Dame
Leti Volpp (also MSPH, Harvard) American University
Mark D. West University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
James D. Wilets (also MA, Yale) Nova Southeastern University
Sienho Yee University of Colorado, Boulder

Students per class: circa 250
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 23
# of LLMs etc.: 2
# in Top Jobs: 3
# in Top Jobs other than Berkeley: 2
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 12
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 10

Graduates Hired by
Cathernie R. Albiston (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Denise E. Antolini (also MPP, Berkeley) University of Hawaii
Susan Bisom-Rapp (also JSD, Columbia) Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Alan L. Durham University of Alabama
Eric Feldman (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Pennsylvania
Tom Ginsburg (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Tristin K. Green (also MS, Northwestern) Seton Hall University
Anthony C. Infanti (also LLM, NYU) University of Pittsburgh
Sam Kamin (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Denver
Sarah A. Krakoff University of Colorado, Boulder
Christopher R. Leslie (also MPP, Harvard) Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law
Frank R. Lopez Texas Tech University
Brett H. McDonnell (also PhD, Stanford) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
David McGowan University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Gregory Mitchell (also PhD, Berkeley) Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law
Janice Nadler (also PhD, Illinois) Northwestern University
Pilar N. Ossorio (also PhD, Stanford) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Elizabeth A. Pendo St. Thomas University
Susan Poser (also PhD, Berkeley) University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Gary Pulsinelli (also PhD, Wisconsin) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Howard A. Shelanski (also PhD, Berkeley) University of California, Berkeley
Beth Stephens Rutgers University, Camden
Tseming Yang Vermont Law School

Students per class: circa 350
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 26
# of LLMs etc.: 3
# in Top Jobs: 5
# in Top Jobs other than Virginia: 2
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 11
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 12

Graduates Hired by
Rhonda M. Andrews (also MA, Virginia) University of San Francisco
Alice J. Baker (also LLM, NYU) Mercer University
Charles H. Brower II University of Mississippi
Darryl K. Brown (also MA, William & Mary) Washington & Lee University
Bryan T. Camp (also LLM, Columbia) Texas Tech University
Henry L. Chambers, Jr. University of Missouri, Columbia
Julian A. Cook III (also MPA, Columbia) Texas Southern University
Patrick B. Crawford (also MA, Virginia) American University
Michael J. Hayes University of Baltimore
Daryl J. Levinson New York University
R. Erik Lillquist Seton Hall University
M. Elizabeth Magill University of Virginia
Patricia R. McCubbin Southern Illinois University
Nancy Assaf McLaughlin University of Utah
Sara Stadler Nelson University of Cincinnati
Dawn C. Nunziato George Washington University
Farish Percy University of Mississippi
Adam C. Pritchard (also MPP, Chicago) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
James E. Ryan University of Virginia
Reuel E. Schiller (also PhD, Virginia) University of California, Hastings
Stephen F. Smith University of Virginia
Donald J. Smythe (also PhD, Yale) California Western School of Law
Deborah S. Tussey (also LLM, Harvard) Oklahoma City University
Michael P. Vandenbergh Vanderbilt University
Robin F. Wilson University of South Carolina
Todd J. Zywicki (also MA, Clemson) George Mason University

Students per class: circa 450
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 22
# of LLMs etc.: 4
# in Top Jobs: 2
# in Top Jobs other than NYU: 2
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 4
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 7

Graduates Hired by
Roger P. Alford (also LLM, Edinburgh) Pepperdine University
Peter B. Bayer (also LLM, Harvard) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Paul S. Berman University of Connecticut, Hartford
Angela O. Burton Syracuse University
John C. Coates IV Harvard University
David B. Cruz (also MS, Stanford) University of Southern California
Joshua P. Davis (also LLM, Georgetown) University of San Francisco
Mitchell L. Engler (also LLM, NYU) Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School
Franklin L. Ferguson, Jr. Southwestern University
Daniel M. Filler University of Alabama
Joan Flynn Cleveland State University/Cleveland-Marshall
Gregory H. Fox Chapman University
Seth D. Harris New York Law School
Joan MacLeod Heminway University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Linda Hamilton Krieger University of California, Berkeley
Raymond Ku Seton Hall University
Robert J. Rubinson University of Baltimore
Emily J. Sack (also MPhil, Columbia) Roger Williams University
Suja A. Thomas University of Cincinnati
Valorie K. Vojdik Western New England College of Law
Philip J. Weiser University of Colorado, Boulder
Norman R. Williams II Willamette University

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 15
# of LLMs etc.: 4
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in Top Jobs other than Cornell: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 4
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 6

Graduates Hired by
Helen M. Alvare (also, MA Catholic) Catholic University
Richard A. Bales Northern Kentucky University
Linda Beale (also LLM, NYU; PhD, Cornell) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Jessica Berg Case Western Reserve University
Carl S. Bjerre University of Oregon
Hannah L. Buxbaum (also LLM, Heidelberg) Indiana University, Bloomington
Timothy S. Hall University of Louisville
Kyron J. Huigens Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School
Ann C. Juliano Villanova University
Richard L. Lavoie (also LLM, NYU) Washburn University
Peter L. Lindseth (also PhD, Columbia) University of Connecticut, Hartford
M.C. Mirow South Texas College of Law
Laura L. Rovner (also LLM, Georgetown) Western State University
Kent D. Streseman Baylor University
Danaya C. Wright (also PhD, Johns Hopkins) University of Florida, Gainesville

Students per class: circa 250
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 16
# of LLMs etc.: 5
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in Top Jobs other than Duke: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 6
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 7

Graduates Hired by
Thomas F. Blackwell (also MA, UT-Arlington) Appalachian School of Law
Caroline N. Brown (also LLM, Duke) University of Alabama
Frank R. Cooper Villanova University
Peter A. Cotorceau (also LLB, Victoria) Washburn University
Robert T. Danforth Washington & Lee University
John K. Eason (also LLM, Florida) Tulane University
Alex Glashausser Washburn University
John Hasnas (also PhD, Duke; LLM, Temple) George Mason University
Cynthia M. Ho Loyola University, Chicago
Ann Hubbard University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Adam A. Milani Mercer University
Richard J. Peltz University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Richard H. Seamon (also MA, Johns Hopkins) University of South Carolina
E. Gary Spitko Indiana University, Indianapolis
Mark A. Thurmon University of Florida, Gainesville
W. Bradley Wendel (also LLM, Columbia) Washington & Lee University

Students per class: circa 600
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 14
# of LLMs etc.: 2
# in Top Jobs: 1
# in Top Jobs other than Georgetown: 1
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 5
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 5

Graduates Hired by
Timothy A. Canova University of New Mexico
Michael W. Carroll Villanova University
Kim D. Connolly University of South Carolina
Lee Anne Fennell (also Bigelow, Chicago) University of Texas, Austin
Keith R. Fisher Suffolk University
David A. Green (also LLM, Temple) North Carolina Central University
Margaret M. Harding Syracuse University
Nancy Hogshead-Makar Florida Coastal University
Cabanne Howard University of Maine
Jay Kesan (also PhD, Texas) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Celestine R. McConville Chapman University
Kimberley A. Moore George Mason University
Daria Roithmayr University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Donald B. Tobin Ohio State University

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 9
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 2
# in Top Jobs other than Northwest.: 2
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 3
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 3

Graduates Hired by
Annette Appell University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Pamela R. Champine (also LLM, NYU) New York Law School
G. Marcus Cole Stanford University
Kenneth D. Katkin Northern Kentucky University
Katheryn J. Kennedy John Marshall Law School
Michelle L. Landis (also PhD, Northwestern) Stanford University
Barry McDonald Pepperdine University
Mark C. Modak-Truran (also PhD, Chicago) Mississippi College School of Law
Christopher S. Yoo (also MBA, UCLA) Vanderbilt University

Students per class: circa 250
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 16
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in Top Jobs other than Penn: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 4
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 4

Graduates Hired by
Khaled About El Fadl (also PhD, Princeton) University of California, Los Angeles
Ann Bartow (also LLM, Temple) University of South Carolina
Rebecca M. Bratspies University of Idaho
Jeffrey O. Cooper Indiana University, Indianapolis
Kimberly Kessler Ferzan Rutgers University, Camden
Robert Gatter (also MA, Wisconsin) Pennsylvania State University/Dickinson Law School
Stewart L. Harris Appalachian School of Law
Melissa B. Jacoby Temple University
F. Scott Kieff Washington University, St. Louis
Timothy F. Malloy University of California, Los Angeles
Anna C. Mastroianni (also MPH, Washington) University of Washington, Seattle
Thomas H. Odom Oklahoma City University
Mercedes M. Plasencia University of Tulsa
John Rothchild Wayne State University
Amy Sinden Temple University
Adam Thurschwell Cleveland State University/Cleveland Marshall

Students per class: circa 450
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 11
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 1
# in Top Jobs other than Texas: 1
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 3
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 5

Graduates Hired by
J. Gordon Christy Mississippi College School of Law
Kathleen C. Engel Cleveland State University/Clevand-Marshall
Christopher Fairman Ohio State University
Steven K. Green (also PhD, North Carolina) Willamette University
Lonny Hoffman University of Houston
Mona L. Hymel University of Arizona
Ronald J. Mann University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jack Nowlin (also PhD, Princeton) University of Mississippi
Wendy M. Parker University of Cincinnati
Ruth L. Rickard (also LLM, London) Appalachian School of Law
Keith A. Rowley (also MPP, Harvard) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Students per class: circa 250
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 6
# of LLMs etc.: 0
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 1
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 1

Graduates Hired by
Lolita K. Buckner-Inniss Cleveland State University/Cleveland Marshall
Lenese C. Herbert Western New England College of Law
Ruth Jones University of the Pacific/McGeorge School of Law
Joseph E. Kennedy University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Susanna M. Kim Chapman University
Diane J. Klein Texas Southern University

Students per class: circa 250
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 7
# of LLMs etc.: 2
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 3
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 4

Graduates Hired by
Robert T. Anderson University of Washington, Seattle
Maureen B. Cavanaugh (also PhD, Cornell) Washington & Lee University
Timothy P. Glynn Seton Hall University
Richard W. Murphy (also MFA, DePaul) William Mitchell College of Law
John K.M. Ohnesorge (also LLM, Harvard) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Amy J. Schmitz University of Colorado, Boulder
Susan Schneider (also LLM, Arkansas) University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 7
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 0
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 0

Graduates Hired by
William J. Aceves California Western School of Law
Eric R. Claeys St. Louis University
Brietta R. Clark Loyola University, Los Angeles
Lisa Litwiller Chapman University
Deana A. Pollard (also LLM, Berkeley) Texas Southern University
Lavonda N. Reed-Huff University of Louisville
Lisa Roy University of Mississippi

Students per class: circa 300
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 8
# of LLMs etc.: 1
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 1
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 1

Graduates Hired by
Megan J. Ballard Washburn University
Debra L. Green Florida Coastal University
Wayne O. Hanewicz University of Florida, Gainesville
April Land (also LLM, Georgetown) University of New Mexico
Jeremy Levit (also PhD, Cambridge) DePaul University
Jonathan C. Lipson University of Baltimore
Wayne A. Logan (also MA, SUNY-Albany) William Mitchell College of Law
Sarah E. Waldeck Seton Hall University

Students per class: circa 200
# in Tenure-Track Jobs: 7
# in Top Jobs: 0
# in EQR Tier 1 Jobs: 1
# in US News Tier 1 Jobs: 1

Graduates Hired by
Edward C. Brewer III Northern Kentucky University
Lonnie T. Brown, Jr. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Susan S. Kuo Northern Illinois University
Jennifer S. Martin Western New England College of Law
E. Stewart Moritz University of Akron
Glen A. Staszewski Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law
Kelly Cahill Timmons Georgia State University


American University Hired by
Lawrence M. Sung (also PhD, USUHS) University of Maryland
Vickie V. Sutton (also PhD, Texas) Texas Tech University
Arizona State University  
Roberta F. Mann (also LLM, Georgetown) Widener University
Baylor University  
Charles W. Rhodes IV South Texas College of Law
Boston College  
Wendy B. Davis Appalachian School of Law
Michelle Goodwin (also LLM, Wisconsin) DePaul University
Ilhung Lee (also MA, Washington Coll.) University of Missouri, Columbia
Michael A. Perino (also LLM, Columbia) St. John's University
Boston University  
Ari Afilalo (also LLM, Harvard) Rutgers University, Camden
Brigham Young University  
Craig Dallon Creighton University
Lorie Johnson University of Georgia
Val D. Ricks South Texas College of Law
Cambridge University  
Michael Byers (also PhD, Cambridge) Duke University
Case Western Reserve University  
William M. Carter, Jr. Case Western Reserve University
Neil Kinkopf Georgia State University
Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier Queens College, CUNY
Kevin F. O'Neill Cleveland State University/Cleveland-Marshall
Catherine A. Van Tassel Western New England College of Law
Catholic University  
Ellen K. van Dyke (also PhD, CUNY) Northern Illinois University
Catholic University, Puerto Rico  
Modestoa Bigas-Mendez Catholic University, Puerto Rico
Javier A. Echevarria-Vargas Catholic University, Puerto Rico
Arnaldo J. Irizarry-Irizarry Catholic University, Puerto Rico
College of William & Mary  
Katherine M. Hessler (also LLM, Georgetown) Case Western Reserve University
Steven J. Mulroy University of Memphis
Luz E. Nagle-Ortiz (also LLM, MA, UCLA) Stetson University
Lisa Hope Nicholson University of Louisville
Theresa J. Pulley-Radwan Stetson University
Steven L. Schooner (also LLM, George Wash) George Washington University
Creighton University  
Scott Hughes (also LLM, Temple) University of New Mexico
DePaul University  
Vada W. Lindsey (also LLM, Georgetown) Marquette University
Marie A. Monahan (also PhD, Northwestern) John Marshall Law School
Ann M. Murphy (also MA, Western Illinois) Gonzaga University
Duquesne University  
Vanessea Browne-Barbour Dusquesne University
Cheryl R. Lee Widener University
Emory University  
Margo A. Bagley Emory University
Kristen D.A. Carpenter (also LLM, Yale) Stetson University
John C. Knechtle Florida Coastal University
Florida State University  
Pamela D. Bridgewater American University
Patricia Leary (also LLM, Columbia) Whittier Law School
Paul E. Lund (also LLM, Yale) Appalachian School of Law
Fordham University  
Pamela Edwards Queens College, CUNY Law School
Eileen M. Kane (also PhD, Cornell) Pennsylvania State University/Dickinson
Bruce A. McGovern (also LLM, Florida) South Texas College of Law
George Mason University  
Jonathan H. Adler Case Western Reserve University
David M. Wagner (also MA, Yale) Regent University
George Washington University  
Judith A.M. Scully West Virginia University
Georgia State University  
Richard C. Reuben (also JSD, Stanford) University of Missouri, Columbia
Hebrew University, Jerusalem  
Ehud Kamar (also JSD, Columbia) University of Southern California
Howard University  
David T. Butleritchie (also LLM, Temple) Appalachian School of Law
Danielle M. Conway-Jones (also LLM, GW) University of Hawaii
Christopher Kelley (also LLM, Arkansas) University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Thomas W. Mitchell (also LLM, Wisconsin) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Susan E. Sutler University of the District of Columbia
Indiana University, Indianapolis  
Michael J. Kelly (also LLM, Georgetown) Creighton University
Susan P. Stuart Valparaiso University
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico  
Marilucy Gonzalez-Baez Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Lewis & Clark  
Robin K. Craig (also PhD, UC Santa Barbara) Western New England College of Law
Robert J. Miller Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law
Loyola University, Chicago  
Michael Z. Green (also LLM, Wisconsin) Florida Coastal University
Loyola University, Los Angeles  
Tracy A. Thomas (also MPA, Cal State-Long B) University of Akron
Loyola University, New Orleans  
Diane E. Courselle University of Wyoming
Christopher Pietruszkiewiez (also LLM, Georgetown) Louisiana State University
Yvonne A. Tamayo Willamette University
Marquette University  
Larry T. Bates (also LLM, Harvard) Baylor University
New England School of Law  
Lars S. Smith (also LLM, Franklin Pierce) University of Louisville
North Carolina Central University  
Marilyn O. Bowens (also LLM, Wisconsin) North Carolina Central University
Wilton B. Hyman (also LLM, Florida) North Carolina Central University
Northeastern University  
Libby S. Adler (also LLM, Harvard) Northeastern University
Camille Chin (also LLM, Georgetown) West Virginia University
Llewellyn J. Gibbons (also LLM, Temple) University of Toledo
Thomas O. Main University of the Pacific/McGeorge School of Law
Xuan-Thao Nguyen Texas Wesleyan University
Nova Southeastern  
Brion Blackwelder Nova Southeastern University
Ohio State University  
Bernadette Bollas Genetin University of Akron
Mark A. Godsey Northern Kentucky University
Jayanth K. Krishnan (also PhD, Wisconsin) William Mitchell College of Law
Gregory J. Vincent Louisiana State University
Oxford University  
Susanna F. Fischer (also LLM, Virginia) Catholic University
Peking University  
Ya Quin (also SJD, Harvard) Wayne State University
Pepperdine University  
James Gash Pepperdine University
Mary M. Penrose (also LLM, Notre Dame) University of Oklahoma, Norman
South Texas College of Law  
Sandra J. Carnahan (also LLM, Houston) South Texas College of Law
Southern Methodist University  
J. Randy Beck University of Georgia
Paul E. McGreal (also LLM, Yale) South Texas College of Law
John K. Pierre (also MA, Texas Tech) Southern University
St. John's University  
Patrick M. Connors Albany Law School
State University of New York, Buffalo  
Sara Faherty State University of New York, Buffalo
Christine Haight Farley (also LLM, Columbia) American University
Syracuse University  
Cindy G. Buys (also MA, LLM, Georgetown) Southern Illinois University
Lorie M. Graham (also LLM, Harvard) Suffolk University
Richard C. Henke Thomas M. Cooley School of Law
Vaughn E. Jamse (also MBA, Albany) Texas Tech University
Darlene A. Kennedy (also LLM, Baltimore) Regent University
Nathalie D. Martin (also LLM, Temple) University of New Mexico
Tel-Aviv University  
Dalia Tsuk (also SJD, Harvard) University of Arizona
Temple University  
Eileen Jones Southern University
Alicia Brokars Kelly (also LLM, Temple) Widener University
Texas Southern University  
Edieth Y. Wu Texas Southern University
Thomas M. Cooley Law School  
Timothy L. Arcaro Nova Southeastern University
Gary Bauer (also MA, Central Michigan) Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Dena M. Brown Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Mark Dotson Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Cindy E. Faulkner Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Tulane University  
Susan M. Bay Mercer University
Anthony S. Niedwiecki (also LLM, Temple) Temple University
David V. Snyder Cleveland State University/Cleveland Marshall
University of Alabama  
Stephen W. Mazza (also LLM, NYU) University of Kansas
Catherine L. Wilson University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of Arizona  
Samuel A. Donaldson (also LLM, Florida) University of Washington, Seattle
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville  
Lisa R. Pruitt (also PhD, London) University of California, Davis
University of Bristol  
Lama Abu-Odeh (SJD, Harvard) Georgetown University
University of California, Hastings  
Bret Birdsong University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Heinz J. Klug (also SJD, Wisconsin) University of Wisconsin, Madison
George W. Kuney (also MBA, San Diego) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Catharine Rogers (also LLM, Yale) Louisiana State University
University of Colorado, Boulder  
Maureen C. Weston Pepperdine University
University of Connecticut  
Christine Cimini University of Denver
Alyce J. Thomas (also SJD, Harvard) St. Thomas University
University of Denver  
Deborah Zalesne (also LLM, Temple) Queens College, CUNY
University of Florida  
Stephen M. Durden Florida Coastal University
Darryll K. Jones (also LLM, Florida) University of Pittsburgh
Gail A. Kintzer Appalachian School of Law
Gregg Polsky (also LLM, Florida) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Liesa L. Richter University of Oklahoma, Norman
Ann R. Shorstein Florida Coastal University
University of Frieburg  
Katharina Pistor (also LLM, London) Columbia University
University of Georgia  
Lynnne H. Rambo Texas Wesleyan University
University of Hawaii  
Danielle Kie Hart (also LLM, Harvard) Southwestern University
University of Houston  
Meredith J. Duncan University of Houston
Mark E. Steiner (also PhD, Houston) South Texas College of Law
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  
Christine Davik Galbraith University of Maine
Steven S. Gensler University of Oklahoma, Norman
University of Iowa  
Elizabeth Boyle (also PhD, Stanford) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
University of Kansas  
Robert Correales (also LLM, Georgetown) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Colleen E. Medill University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Kentucky  
Earl F. Martin III (also LLM, Yale) Texas Wesleyan University
Matthew Hall University of Mississippi
University of Kiel
Mattias Kumm (also SJD, Harvard) New York University
University of Louisville  
Susan H. Kosse University of Louisville
University of Maryland  
C. Quince Hopkins (also LLM, Stanford) Washington & Lee University
Laura T. Kessler (also LLM, Columbia) University of Utah
University of Melbourne  
Jacqueline Lipton (also LLM, Cambridge) Case Western Reserve University
University of Miami  
Judith R. Karp (also MLS, Emory) Nova Southeastern University
Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod (also MBA, Fl Int'l) Nova Southeastern University
University of Missouri, Columbia  
Franklin G. Snyder (also LLM, Temple) Texas Wesleyan University
University of Missouri, Kansas City  
Sherly B. Etling (also LLM, Michigan) University of South Dakota
University of Montana  
Elaine H. Gagliardi (also LLM, NYU) University of Montana
University of Nairobi  
James Thuo Gathii (also SJD, Harvard) Albany Law School
University of Nebraska, Lincoln  
Jennifer K. Robbennolt (also PhD, Nebraska) University of Missouri, Columbia
University of Nigeria  
Uche Ewelukwa (also LLM, UCL; LLM, Harvard) University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Leslye A. Obiora (also LLM, Yale; JSD, Stanford) University of Arizona
Okechukwu Oko (also JSD, Yale) Southern University
University of North Carolina  
Anthony V. Baker (also LLM, Wisconsin) Campbell University
James L. Hunt (also PhD, Wisconsin; LLM, Harvard) Mercer University
Todd E. Pettys University of Iowa
University of North Dakota  
Cheryl L. Anderson (also LLM, Temple) Southern Illinois University
University of Notre Dame  
Anthony J. Bellia, Jr. University of Notre Dame
Patrick E. Corbett Thomas M. Cooley Law School
John Tuskey Regent University
University of Ottawa  
Camille A. Nelson (also LLM, Columbia) St. Louis University
University of Pittsburgh  
Kathy L. Cerminara (also LLM, Columbia) Nova Southeastern University
University of Puerto Rico  
Georgina L. Candal University of Puerto Rico
Andres L. Cordova Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Evalus Cotto-Quijano (also LLM, Georgetown) University of Puerto Rico
Marta Figueroa-Torres (also LLM, Harvard) Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Jessica Rodriguez-Martin Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
University of Queensland  
Laurence P. Claus (also PhD, Oxford) University of San Diego
University of Richmond  
Rebecca J. Huss (also LLM, Iowa) Valparaiso University
University of San Diego  
Kevin M. Yamamoto (also LLM, Florida) South Texas College of Law
University of South Carolina  
Catherine E. Smith (also MPA, South Carolina) Texas Southern University
University of South Dakota  
Sandra B. Zellmer (also LLM, George Wash) University of Toledo
University of Tennessee, Knoxville  
Helen H. De Haven Appalachian School of Law
Brannon Denning (also LLM, Yale) Southern Illinois University
University of Toronto  
Mark A. Drumbl (also LLM, Columbia) University of Arkansas, Little Rock
University of Tulsa  
Taiawagi Helton (also LLM, Yale) University of Oklahoma, Norman
Stacy L. Leeds (also LLM, Wisconsin) University of North Dakota
June M. Makdisi St. Thomas University
University of Utah  
Janice K. Lawrence (also LLM, NYU) Stetson University
University of Washington, Seattle  
Karen E. Boxx University of Washington, Seattle
Katherine E. White (also LLM, George Wash) Wayne State University
Valparaiso University  
Jeffrey S. Kinsler (also LLM, Yale) Marquette University
Victoria University, Wellington  
V.S. Khanna (also SJD, Harvard) Boston University
Washington & Lee University  
Paul F. Kirgis St. John's University
Richard E. Redding (also PhD, Virginia) Villanova University
West Virginia University  
Creola Johnson Ohio State University
William Mitchell  
Janice M. Mueller William Mitchell College of Law
Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School  
Melanie B. Leslie Yeshiva University/Cardozo Law School

[1] As one of the more successful Michigan grads wrote to me: "I was #1 in my class after the first year and the only encouragement or advice I ever received with respect to academia was that [a professor no longer at Michigan] sent me a note after my exam observing that i had blown away the rest of the class and suggesting that I might consider teaching some day. That's it. I can only conclude that Michigan places students in academics despite itself."
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